Thursday, May 24, 2012

Today we started our day at San Fil the home for the dying and destitude adults. It's so peaceful there. With Junior and Brunet singing and we got to pray over people and rub lotion on them.
When you look at these women whose bodies are nothing but skin and bones and see the scars on them, you wonder what their lives have been like to end up where they are. They are so beautiful. A few of them had tears in their eyes as Jeff prayed over them. We were able to touch every woman there, some young, some old, and each of them touched us back in our hearts.

Next we visited Elder at his school. It was fun to see some of the same kids you see on the water truck. I'm happy to see that they are in school. The kids are all so well behaved and Elder does a wonderful job educating them.

Then we went to visit Dr. Sem at his clinic. He was so happy that we would come to see him. He proudly showed us what he does there.

It was a busy day. Next we went to the home for the sick & dying babies. When we got there the sister's said that they needed help at the wound clinic. That's not my favorite place. Two of our team members have never experienced the babies so Jeff and I said we would go to the wound clinic. My favorite part is the drive there.

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