Friday, July 12, 2013

A High Schooler's Perspective on Haiti

Haiti is a place unlike any other, it is a place where people are more grateful for what they have even though they have less than us in the USA. People in Haiti constantly praise God for what they have even though over half of the population would be considered the poorest of the poor in the US. Haiti is a place were wherever you go it feels like you personally know others. In Haiti it is acceptable and encouraged to greet someone with a smile and wave as you are walking past them in the streets.

An aspect that is truly amazing about Haiti is the way they praise God, they believe that God will provide for them and is always watching over them. They are by no means ungrateful however as they thank him constantly for the little they have, even though most of them only have a few possessions  Houses consist of a small metal and wood shack that is hand built, yet if they invite you in you can tell just by looking at their eyes and the way they talk that they are proud of what they have.

A little bit about me now so you can understand my perspective. I am 16 years old and becoming a sophomore in high school next year. Truthfully, I went into my Haiti experience with a bad attitude. I reluctantly agreed to go and didn't plan on truly embracing the experience. Haiti however has changed me. It has showed me that something we all take for granted such as taking a hot shower is actually a huge luxury. It has taught me that things I  and others call, "needs" really are not relevant or important at all, such as having a new car every 3 years, not having the top of the line computer or wearing the, "coolest" clothes in your school. I believe that Haiti has done more for me then I have done for it, I came to Haiti to help the people here but they helped me be a better person.

Kyle Spencer

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