Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cookies and Chopsticks and Slippers! Oh My!

Hello friends!

Today was another wonderful day as we visited two orphanages.  Our Saturday morning kicked off with a stop at Esaie's orphanage where about 20 children energetically greeted us. Shelley showed the children where Haiti, China, and Minnesota are located on a world map.  After describing how Chinese people eat their food, the kids had the opportunity to eat fruit snacks using chopsticks.  Many of them were better than us! Then the girls at the orphanage got dolled up with new hair accessories and their nails painted, while the boys showed off their homemade kites and fantastic basketball, soccer, and jump rope skills.

After snacks and a quick ride on the tap-tap, we arrived at Juno's orphanage and were greeted with many hugs and smiles.  We had the kids channel their inner shoe designer as they decorated slippers with a variety of fabric paints and sprays.  Shortly after we broke out the legos, jump ropes, and more beauty supplies.  Once again the girls were treated to a mini-makeover while the boys played soccer and created masterpieces with legos. Before we left the kids all enjoyed frosted cookies and sang us two lovely songs (actions included!).

Once back at the guest house our group split up.  Those with plenty of energy picked up the neighborhood soccer enthusiasts and took them to the field to play.  The other group explored the nearby pool and cooled off after a hot day.

We can't believe that tomorrow is our final day of our trip.  While we all miss home, it will be very bittersweet to say goodbye to Haiti and it's wonderful people.

Written by "The Triplets" (Catty, Sydney, and Morgan)

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