Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 1 - Water Truck!

Bon wit!

Our first day out in the field, we headed out with the water truck, making a quick stop at Elder's school on our way. Although regular school was not in session, there were plenty of kids around for summer camp!

After that stop we headed out to Cite Soleil with the water truck. We made a couple of stops, filled lots of buckets, and played with the children. It was a workout for our arms, but worth every second! The kids who came to greet us at the water trucks were so wonderful - I know I speak for the others when I say I wish I could have spent time with each of them (and maybe had a few extra arms for carrying and holding hands!)

After leaving Cite Soleil, we headed to our "home base", changed shoes and picked up the neighborhood boys for a soccer game at nearby field. We gave it our all, but the boys prevailed. I guess we need to be doing more footwork drills in the off-season...

After a delicious spaghetti dinner we sat down for a little debriefing session as a group. Although it was tough to leave the people of Cite Soleil (we really did want to hold every little one!) we are lucky to have the opportunity to work with and serve the wonderful people of Haiti. We feel this experience changing our lives with every moment, and hope that when we return home our stories may inspire others as well.

p.s. The smiles are even better in person...and they look pretty darn good in the pictures so that says a lot. 

(posted by Mary & Maggie)


  1. Sounds like an amazing first day! Happy Birthday, Lizzi, we are thinking about you!!

  2. Happy Birthday Lizzi! What an amazing way to be spending your birthday! Wish we were there with you to experience all of this, but know we love you and are thinking about you!! (you too Mary)


  3. Happy birthday, Lizzi! I'm so proud of you! What an incredible, memorable experience. Keep the blog posts coming!


  4. Thanks for including me so I can hear all about your adventures as they are happening! Remember to stay in the moment (even the hard ones) as powerful trips like this fly by in an instant. Thinking of you all and a big, "Happy Birthday" to Lizzi!!!!

    cuz em