Monday, February 6, 2012

Arriving in Haiti by Debbie peterson

Travel days are always long. Today was made longer by a 4 hour layover in Miami (although the people watching was FANTASTIC!). The 90-minute flight to Haiti felt at least twice that long. I was so excited to be back, and no, I couldn't have... stopped smiling if I tried. In the months leading up to this trip the verse from 1 Thessalonians kept coming to mind- "God is faithful." I have always known this to be true, but today I felt it and saw it. God was faithful in granting the desires of my heart to return to Haiti. And, as we drove from the airport to the guest house, evidence of His faithfulness was abundant: where once there were tents packed around the airport, there was now cleaned up dirt (it looked very nice); streets that had previously been covered on trash were now being cleaned up. Little by little, life is being restored. Hope filled my heart with joy as I soaked in the signs of progress. Arrival here is still a shock to the system- I'll admit that I really love my cushy American lifestyle. But unlike my first day last time, I see hope. I see joy. I see God's faithfulness. "Excited" doesn't even begin to describe my feelings for tomorrow. I'm excited to love on the kids at Gertrude's. I'm SUPER PUMPED to get back on the water truck and play with the mob of kids!!! I'm excited to see how God works in the lives of the team, and to watch as some of them experience Haiti for the first time. All the while, experiencing God's faithfulness with the beautiful people of Haiti.

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