Wednesday, February 8, 2012

day 2, 2-8-2012

Day 2 Bonswa from Marie, Gerri and the team. Our day began bright and early with a sunrise church service. With combined efforts a scrumptious breakfast was cooked up and consumed and by 9am we were off and running. Half the team went to Gertrude's place a home for special needs children while the other half of the team went to an orphanage in Port Au Prince. It was an amazing experience playing with the children at Gertrudes. It was such a blessing to be able to share smile stickers, starburst candies and jump ropes with the children. In a short time what we gave them was evidendent by the smiles on their faces and what we received in return will forever stay deep in our hearts. The experience at the other orphanage was just as heart-warming. There were 22 cribs side-by-side each with a needy child waiting to be held, changed or fed. We did our best to take care of each of their needs and bless them with the love of Christ, through our hugs and embraces. It was very hard emotionally to leave the children and we're sure part of our hearts stayed with them. After cleaning up, we enjoyed a pizza dinner. After dinner, we had group prayer which includes word of the day. Today the words were starfish, choose,courage, music, share, orange shirt, movement, compassion, fragile and light. Each member of the team explained their word to sum up the culmination of the experiences we had today. All in all, it was a wonderfully HOT sunny day enjoyed by all. Praise God!!

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