Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First Day in Haiti

We started the day off praying with our group with the warm sunshine and praise to God. Some of us went to visit a place with sick and dying children. The second you walk into the room you hear crying babies wanting to be held. The feeling of love you receive from holding each sick child confirms there is a God! It was also a gift to see my son holding these babies so tenderely and playing games with the children. It was very hard to leave when they start crying for you when you put them in their cribs. The other group went to a place that took care of children with special needs or have been abandoned. They were able to hold these children to give them Gods love and have fun playing games. That afternoon we went to Cite Soleil to give out water to the people who live in tents, the poorest of the poor. Although poor, their eyes sparkled like diamonds, their smiles melted your heart, and their hugs gave you love like you never felt before. Mostly young girls and children came running with their buckets to be filled. The kids just jumped into your arms and smiled. You saw kids, mostly half dressed, playing in the dirty water, but with so much joy! Wow, we learned a lot today. We also went down to the ocean where they throw all of their garbage and go to the bathroom. So many of the kids were walking barefoot on glass and sewage but were determined to walk with us just to be close. Like I said earlier, they were the ones giving us a gift, a gift of LOVE!

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