Thursday, February 2, 2012


Our team of 11 are preparing to leave for Haiti on Monday Feb. 6th. We have been preparing ourselves these past few month for this mission. Some of us have been there before and are looking forward to seeing the people who touched our hearts on previous trips and to making new friends. Some have never been there and we are excited to share Haiti with them. As I was looking for things to prepare the team for the trip I came across this message of John the Baptist preparing the way for Jesus and the setting of his mission is the desert. I read it and found it fit changing the word desert to Haiti. (I by no means compare myself to John the Baptist) Haiti is a place of severity and beauty. It's severe but there's also a certain beauty, especially when the light of the sun strikes it from a certain angle, and different colors are there. Haiti is a place of sweetness and pain. It's gentle, quiet, peaceful.....and difficult. It can be a place of great testing-with its earthquakes, heat and thirst. The Christian life is like Haiti-sometimes beautiful and sometimes severe. It is a mixture of sweetness and pain. Sometimes gentle, quiet, peaceful....and sometimes difficult. It can be a life of great great testing. Jesus was always honest with his followers about the kind of life they could expect as his disciples. He told them there would be good times and there would be bad times. He told them that anyone who followed Him would gain a hundredfold in this life and in the next. He also told them that this life would be extremely difficult at times. It takes a lot of discipline to walk in the footsteps of the Lord. It's like walking in Haiti-difficult yet beautiful. Please keep us in your prayers as we walk in Haiti-difficult yet beautiful.


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    1. Michele I hope that you cet a wonderfull time with your team
      on haiti ,next year i like to co with you to Haiti,
      Love you and a Kissss Johan.

    2. Thanks to the person who has deleted my beauteful letter that i wrote to my girlfriend Michele,
      I will not judge,
      I leave that to God.