Thursday, September 8, 2011


Concert in the orpanage. Oh what a day! We brought musical instruments to the orphanage yesterday and had a concert. What fun. The kids were great and Fanfan was singing. These are the children at this orphanage that are up for adoption. A few of them are coming to Minnesota and I love to check to see how they are doing. One of our team members is friends with the mother of one of the children so it was fun to have them meet. This orphanage also takes in sick babies. It was so touching to watch one man with his tiny sick child. He was so tender. There was a 1 month old baby boy there who was abandonded. I want to put him in my backpack and bring him home to be a twin to my 2 week old grandson. I have so much respect for the women who work at this orpanage. Day after day, crying babies, sick kids, feeding and changing diapers of children they don't know and they do it with such care and dignity for the children. It was a wonderful day.

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