Thursday, September 8, 2011

We had a busy day today. first we delivered water to another neighborhood in City Solei. The crowd was very large and a bit roitous. But all went well and most got water. Some of us played with the children during this time. they are so loving and just want us to hold them and smile at them. I will have to say the highlight was the conga line. I led the way and the children hung on and joined right in. Bum Bum Bum Ba Bum Ba with a hop hop hop and a kick, kick. It was so funny. We have a young optomatrist with us on our team. I noticed a little boy with a sore eye so I her over to look at it. In no time flat we had a triage MASH going. We were fixing up cuts and pulling out stitches and putting ointment on wounds. It was exciting. Later that day we went to several elderly peoples homes to visit and see how their health was so the doctor could do follow up visits. These people were so lovely and so dignifed. They were very proud of their homes. A small one room cement structure with a bed in the corner and perhaps a little shelf with a few cups and plates. We even visited a woman that was 104 years old. So sweet and dignified. When we asked if we could take her photo she turned her head and squared her shoulders and struck a bit of a pose. Very special. mary beth team member

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