Wednesday, September 7, 2011

water truck/City Soleil

It is so nice to be back here again. It's the little things that have touched me so much on the first day back. Dickenson, the boy who lives by the guest house made a bracelet for me that says Dickenson on it. Maybe it's to remember him, but little does he know I could never forget him. I remeber cleaning a cut on his foot a year ago and giving him new shoes so it would heal. The smiles on the people who take such good care of us at the guest house always warms my heart. Then to see the water truck drivers. Cenole has always been special to me and we even had him smiling today which doesn't happen often. We spent the day delivering water to the people of City Soleil. I really enjoy having new people on the team and watching them interact with the children, help carry water buckets, sing on the garbage dump, and just opening up to experiencing the beauty of Haiti. It was a day with very mixed emotions. We did have a little fun too. Mary Beth showed us how she could catch the baby chickens with her hands. Today we are off to see the babies. Mary Beth will meet the little girl her friend is adopting. Another day of mixed emotions is in store. I'm blessed to be part of it and to share it with others. Thank you for the prayers for our team, please continue Shelley

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