Sunday, September 11, 2011

Last Day

It's been an incredible trip. Today is our last day and I am not looking forward to going home. Yesterday we spent the day at Yvon's orphanage. The kids singing brought tears to the eyes of some team members. They sounded like angels. There was a lot of activity. The dentists' pulled 6 teeth. This was anything but normal working conditions for them. They were in a room with no electricity, it was dark, and hot. They were incredible. We asked how they would explain it when they got home. They said, no one would believe it. Doctor Sem saw 41 kids plus 2 adults. We went through all of the medicine we bought for 2 orphanages. Missy is off to the pharmacy this morning. 7 kids need parasite testing. Alli saw all of the kids and tested their vision. She was happy to report that Haitians have good eyes. I got to play with the kids. My favorite thing to do. I'm not a good nurse so I was happy to turn that position over to Debbie (who is a medical assistant, and Laura who's learning the ropes so she can do it when she's here). We brought water balloons. I thought about this a lot before I brought them. It's kind of hard to play with water when it's so precious here. We did have fun with them though. Today we are off to Guilliams orphanage again. Dr. Sem will see the kids. The dentists' will pull teeth and Alli will see the rest of the kids. I get to play again. We had 2 kids who we tested for parasites on Friday and both tested positive. It's nice to finally get some of this tesing done so we can treat them. I can't wait to get these kids moved to Grace Village. It is so beautiful up there and I think they will love it. We've been eating good down here. Fonese is a great cook. I told her I was going to bring her home with me because I don't cook and haven't eaten so well since I lived with my parents. Last night we had pumpkin soup. Fanfan explained that when the French ruled Haiti the Haitians couldn't have pumpkin soup so when the Haitians took over they celebrate their independance on Jan. 1st with pumpking soup. I am sad about going home. The time is always too short for me here. I will look forward to coming back in Feb. Please keep us in your prayers for a safe trip home tomorrow. Shelley

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