Friday, September 9, 2011

Church with Fanfan

Yesterday a few of us went to church with Fanfan. 6am. I think there is a peace that comes with poverty. I noticed this again as we came up on the church. It was a big white tent and there was music playing. People were walking outside with their arms stretched up, praising the Lord. What a freedom. Most of the people here have to rely on God for everything. I wish I could do that at home. It seems I get so caught up in the busy life we have in the U.S. sometimes I forget to take time and rely more on God. I have never prayed so continuosly. They prayed straight for an hour. And there were a lot of people there. What a wonderful way to start the day. No wonder Fanfan is the way he is. I go to church sometimes in the morning at home. It lasts 1/2 an hour and it's not very crowded. I still get to praise God but I need to RELY ON GOD. Amen

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